Post-Doctoral Position for Beyond NP Revolution Project

One post-doctoral research fellow fellow position is available at the School of Computing (, National University of Singapore, Singapore for the project: Beyond NP Revolution.

for The project is motivated by the dramatic advancements in the area of SAT solving that has opened opportunities for design of practical algorithms for problems that require polynomial calls to SAT oracles. This new paradigm focuses on substituting NP oracles with SAT solvers in practice and design and analysis of algorithms that can account for discrepancy in behavior of an oracle and a solver. Research problems of interest include: approximate counting/discrete integration, uniform sampling, distribution testing, learning of sparse formulas, knowledge compilation, phase transitions, and MaxSAT. The positions will be for 1 year with appointment date in 2019 but a longer period may be possible.

Job requirements:
1. A PhD in CS or disciplines such as ECE, Mathematics, Physics, and Optimization Research.
2. Strong theoretical background.

Candidates are suggested to refer to our recent publications to get a flavor of our research style

How to apply:
Interested candidates should send their resume and statement about their research to Kuldeep Meel ( Please also include a plan of research. While there is flexibility in research direction, please also take into account the areas of focus listed above.