Scalable Quantitative Verification For Deep Neural Networks


Verifying security properties of deep neural networks (DNNs) is becoming increasingly important. This paper introduces a new quantitative verification framework for DNNs that can decide, with user-specified confidence, whether a given logical property {\psi} defined over the space of inputs of the given DNN holds for less than a user-specified threshold,{\theta}. We present new algorithms that are scalable to large real-world models as well as proven to be sound. Our approach requires only black-box access to the models. Further, it certifies properties of both deterministic and non-deterministic DNNs. We implement our approach in a tool called PROVERO. We apply PROVERO to the problem of certifying adversarial robustness. In this context, PROVERO provides an attack-agnostic measure of robustness for a given DNN and a test input. First, we find that this metric has a strong statistical correlation with perturbation bounds reported by 2 of the most prominent white-box attack strategies today. Second, we show that PROVERO can quantitatively certify robustness with high confidence in cases where the state-of-the-art qualitative verification tool (ERAN) fails to produce conclusive results. Thus, quantitative verification scales easily to large DNNs.

In IEEE/ACM 43rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)